Cocoa Tea , Etana and Louie Culture Live in Atlanta


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A November To Remember

Cocoa Tea || Etana || Louie Culture

Culture Meets Lovers Rock

Saturday November 22, 2014

@ Club Pisces

5471 Memorial Drive

Stone Mountain, GA, 30083


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Born in Rocky Point, Clarendon Parish, Jamaica, Cocoa Tea was popular in Jamaica in from 1985, but has become successful worldwide only since the 1990s. One of his most famous songs is “Rikers Island”, which was later put into a dub version by Nardo Ranks entitled “Me No Like Rikers Island” (featured on Dancehall Reggaespanol) which was released the same year as the original “Rikers Island”. He also gained fame with the song “Young Lover”. He gained notoriety in March 2008 after releasing a song titled “Barack Obama” in support of the US Presidential candidate by the same name. Cocoa Tea’s song “Jah Made Them That Way” from his 1984 album Rocking Dolly interpolates “Human Nature” by Michael Jackson and “Answer Mi Question” by Dillinger.

He initiated the annual New Year’s Eve events Dancehall Jam Jam in 2003; It ran until 2009, with plans to resurrect it in 2015.[2]

After recording for many of the top reggae labels including VP Records, Greensleeves Records and Ras Records, he started his own Roaring Lion label around 2000.[2]


  • Weh Dem A Go Do…Can’t Stop Cocoa Tea (1984), Volcano
  • I Lost My Sonia (1985), Volcano
  • Settle Down (1985), Corner Stone
  • Mr. Coco Tea (1985), Corner Stone
  • Sweet Sweet Coco Tea (1985), Blue Mountain
  • The Marshall (1985), Jammy’s
  • Cocoa Tea (1986), Jimpy’s
  • Come Again (1987), Jammy’s
  • Rikers Island (1991), VP
  • Rocking Dolly (1991), RAS
  • Authorized (1991), Greensleeves
  • Kingston Hot (1992), RAS
  • I Am the Toughest (1992), VP
  • One Up (1993), Greensleeves
  • Good Life (1994), VP
  • Sweet Love (1994), VP
  • Tune In (1994), Greensleeves
  • Can’t Live So (1994), Shanachie
  • Come Love Me (1995), VP
  • Israel’s King (1996), VP
  • Holy Mount Zion (1997), Motown
  • One Way (1998), VP
  • Unforgettable (2000), Roaring Lion
  • Feel the Power (2001), VP
  • Tek Weh Yuh Gal (2004), Kings of Kings
  • Save Us Oh Jah (2006), VP
  • Biological Warfare (2007), Minor7Flat5
  • Yes We Can (2009), Roaring Lion
  • In a Di Red (2012), VP
  • Sunset in Negril (2014), Roaring Lion



Born Shauna McKenzie, the only girl in a family of boys, Etana grew up in the eastern Saint Andrew community of August Town. Her vocal talent was discovered when she was eight years old and was overheard singing along to a 1991 hit by the group Air Supply.

Etana migrated to the United States in 1992. She went on to attend Broward Community College with the intention of becoming a registered nurse.

Beginnings (2000-2005)[edit]

Following her decision to prematurely exit college in 2000, Etana joined a female vocal group named Gift. At the time Universal Records was interested in their music so Etana reluctantly agreed to wear the skimpy outfits dictated by the music industry’s pervasive stereotyping of female artists; then one day, she could no longer conform.

Etana returned to her Kingston birthplace and focused on making music that reflected her embracement of Rastafarian principles, which include a royal representation of women, adhering to a natural lifestyle, and an acknowledgment of the teachings of Marcus Garvey and Emperor Haile Selassie I. That opportunity arrived in 2005 when a friend brought her to Kingston’s Fifth Element Records, who were then enjoying success with Richie Spice‘s single “Earth A Run Red” and his album Spice In Your Life. Etana successfully auditioned to become one of Spice’s vocalists on his tour of Europe and North America.

The Strong One (2007-2009)[edit]

While in the studio with the guitarist and percussionist from Spice’s band, Etana put together the song “Wrong Address”. Fusing acoustic folk with roots reggae rhythms and strains of neo-soul influences “Wrong Address” was based on the experience of Etana’s aunt being told to lie about where she lived in order to gain employment. The single received heavy radio rotation, reaching the number one position on several Jamaican charts.

Etana’s second major hit “Roots” was inspired by her travels to Africa (her very first solo performance was in the West African nation of Ghana where she was showered with overwhelming adulation).

The remainder of the songs on her debut album The Strong One presents an eclectic mix of Etana’s ideas and influences, which include Air Supply, Dolly Parton, Bob Marley andSizzla.

Etana was nominated for the 2008 MOBO Awards in the ‘Best Reggae’ category.[2]

Free Expressions and Better Tomorrow (2011–2013)[edit]

Etana at Ruhr Reggae Summer2014

Etana released her second album, Free Expressions, in 2011. She toured Europe in 2012.[3] She is now married to Andre Morris.

Her third album, the Shane Brown-produced Better Tomorrow was recorded mainly at Tuff Gong studios in 2012 and is scheduled for release in February 2013.[4] It will be preceded by a US tour.[4]

In 2013 she recorded the duet “If Tomorrow Never Comes” with New Zealand singer Swiss for his album, and it was also released as a single which hit the New Zealand top 50.[5]

Her fourth album, the Clive Hunt-produced I Rise, is due to be released in October 2014.[6]

Now resident in Florida, she has two children.[4]



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